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Written by Pete Kloppenburg   
Tuesday, 22 July 2008 23:46

I'm only able to share a small portion of the work I have done or contributed to over the years. Most of the work we did at Tribal was highly proprietary - sales readiness materials and so forth. Not only are they confidential, they're not much fun to look at, generally closely formatted one-pagers with a load of arcane technical jargon.

However, some of my work is a little more fun. In particular you may enjoy the articles I have written for publication in magazines and newspapers. I will add these as I am able.

You will probably also enjoy the Hallowe'en promotions we did at Tribal. These were always fun to do and we always got a lot of compliments on them.

The Tribal White papers are for the marketing wonks out there. They'll give you an idea of the kind of thinking I've been doing. And you may actually find some useful ideas there - I certainly hope so. 

Some of these pages are available only for registered users, I am afraid. But hey, registration is free and easy, so why not?

Halloween Promotions

DOXIM Ads and Brochure

Magazine articles

Tribal White Papers 


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